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Why I Love Budapest

I’ve just returned from my very first visit to Budapest, and I’m hooked.  I’ve heard the city called “the Paris of Eastern Europe,” and now I can see why.

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There’s a world-class Opera, with a building as spectacular as anything Paris or Vienna can offer.

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The rich and varied collections of many museums can keep an art-lover happily occupied for days, with special exhibits in addition to wonderful permanent collections of the masters.  The special Rembrandt exhibit at the Fine Arts Museum was especially enlightening.

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Shops exhibit distinctive Hungarian crafts.

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The city is a little more rough around the edges than, say, Vienna or Paris.  But women in Budapest dress creatively; street fashion is alive and well.

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In December, the Christmas markets are in full swing.  Delicious tastes and smells tempt the visitor.

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“Mosdo” means “toilet?”  That’s a new one on me.  The Hungarian language is unlike any other.  It is not related to Latin, French, German, Anglo-Saxon, or any other language except possibly Finnish.  Why is this a benefit?  Since only about 12 million people in the world can speak Hungarian, the powers that be decided some time ago that all schoolchildren should learn English.  There’s always a friendly English speaker nearby. That makes life easy for the tourist!

Join me next time for more explorations in the art, history and cultures of Europe!