Christmas Time in Copenhagen

Danish flags and paper cutouts are popular on Christmas trees.

The upscale Magazin du Nord department store is festooned with paper cutout garlands.

Tivoli Park is full of lights and people.

Right, I’ll be next on the carousel giraffe!

The snow is not real yet at Tivoli, but it’s cold. Pink and purple hyacinths are planted everywhere. Their scent fills the air.

Festive music fills churches.

The Christmas market at the Gustaf Swedish Church is the best weekend party. Church ladies all wear costumes of Swedish districts. I have shawl-and-apron envy!

There are only about 5 million Danes in the entire country. The pace is relaxed, even in Copenhagen. Art galleries are pleasantly uncrowded and stuffed with beautiful things. Above is “Mary with the Christ Child and the Infant St. John” by Maurice Denis, 1898. It’s in the fabulous French collection at the Glyptotek.

Copenhagen’s City Hall is a work of art in itself. I’ll cheerfully wander its hushed halls for an hour anytime.

Cafes are cozy and store windows full of temptations.

Buying a gift? A friendly elf in ruffled pantaloons will wrap it up for you.

Is Copenhagen expensive? Oh, yes. We rented an apartment, ate in a lot, took in free concerts and recitals, and bought Copenhagen cards, which cover all the sights and all the excellent public transportation. It’s manageable and worth it!

4 thoughts on “Christmas Time in Copenhagen

  1. Vicki Clakley

    Claudia, I love your posts. Thank you for sharing the sights of Copenhagen. I wish we had “scratch-and-sniff” photos of the tasty treats.

    Because of your delightful photos and narratives, my bucket list has gotten much longer. Thank you for broadening my horizons.

  2. Mary

    I just love your posts! I think I may be your biggest fan. Do you also post your pictures on Pinterest?

    Thanks for all you do!

    1. Claudia Suzan Carley Post author

      Thank you so much, Mary! No, I haven’t done anything on Pinterest. Maybe I will–I have limited time and I just haven’t used Pinterest very much. I started this blog mostly so I could remember where I’ve gone and what I’ve seen. Having actual readers is a bonus, and getting nice comments is a super bonus!


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