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And for Royal Backyard Barbecues…

Actually, I’m making that up.  My second-favorite crown is this one, from about the same era as the crown in my last post.  This one is more modest–and looks easier to wear.  Perhaps it was made for a young princess.  Or perhaps a well-dressed queen needed a whole wardrobe of crowns, for both formal and casual occasions.


This crown looks to be from the same era as my all-time favorite, but when I took a picture of it I broke my own rule of always taking a picture of the caption. Both of these crowns are in the Munich Residenz Treasury, or Schatzkammer.  I always think I will remember details, but it doesn’t always happen.  For this crown, I’ll just have to say that it’s very old, very beautiful, and it beckons my imagination back into medieval times.  I’m sure those times are much more pleasant to imagine than they ever were to live through, even for royalty.

Like many museums, the Munich Residenz has a lively interactive children’s program where kids can dress up in historic finery.


Maybe museums should also have an interactive adults’ programs, for dreamers like me.  I’d be first in line to try on the silks, satins and jewels of days long gone!