Helsinki Jugendstil Doorways

For some reason, I expected Helsinki to be a  rough-around-the edges modern industrial city. Instead I found a city full of delightful architecture, much of it dating from the early 1900s. This was the heyday of the worldwide Jugendstil or Art Nouveau movement.

I’m stopping constantly to snap a picture of yet another inviting, witty doorway. I’m loving Helsinki!

4 thoughts on “Helsinki Jugendstil Doorways

  1. Mary Murdock

    Who knew Helsinki was so cool?? Beautiful intricate and interesting doors. Some of them seem to be telling stories or fairy tales. I’d love to know the background of every door you’ve shared with us

    Great post and thank you so much!

    1. Claudia Suzan Carley Post author

      Thank you, Mary! I imagine there are some references to Finnish folk tales. Also, the Finnish people use a lot of images of animals and the natural world. And they are known for their love of good design. I had no idea Helsinki would be so beautiful.

  2. sueleonardCFS

    I Loved this blog on Helsinki doorways. Wonderful, and doorways are something I enjoying looking at in this country as well but the history of them can not be compared to what is found in other places around the world. In the U.S. I especially enjoy seeing doorways in Santa Fe and Albuquerque adobe homes.


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