Le Renard


The most fun I ever had speaking French was the time I had a fairly long conversation with a Parisian woman who was walking a particularly lovely little dog. He looked exactly like a fox, my favorite animal. Foxes patrol just outside my house, hunting and also trying to get a rise out of my cats. The cats stare out in wonder at this unassuming animal that looks like a dog, but does not carry a ball or slobber on the window glass.

I wanted to know what breed the elegant little Parisian dog was. After much petting and exclaiming over the adorable creature, the woman managed to explain to me that he was “particulier.” I concluded this meant that he was one of a kind, what I might call a mutt. I would not be able to procure a dog just like him unless I got really lucky at my local animal shelter.

I’ve heard of people trying to tame foxes, but I know wild animals belong in the wild. My indoor foxes live on tabletops!



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