Stone Age Texting?

In the Liechtenstein National Museum in Vaduz a couple of months ago, I came upon an oddly dressed tourist checking his cell phone.

2013-09-27 14.39.58

No, wait, it was actually a petrified long-ago resident of the town, having a little snack!

2013-09-27 14.55.37

He did not look particularly friendly or willing to share, so I moved on. Archaeologists have dug up artifacts going back to prehistory in the tiny country of Liechtenstein.  The Liechtenstein National Museum was an absorbing surprise in this tiny country that seems to consist of nothing but banks and a medieval castle on the mountainside. (The castle is not open for visits, but once a year citizens gather on the grounds to greet their current royalty).

The museum even holds some rare ancient clothing, the most difficult of all old items to preserve.

2013-09-27 14.54.22

Several floors of artifacts, creatively displayed, trace the history of this tiny country that has somehow held on to its sovereignty–and its money.  Having been to the sumptuous “summer palace” and art gallery the ruling family still maintains in Vienna, I envision troves of treasure and gold socked away in tunnels underneath the mountainside palace.  But at least some of that money has been spent on this fascinating history museum.

2013-09-27 14.51.28

As I left, my Stone Age friend was still jealously guarding his snack.  Join me next time for more explorations into the art and history of Europe!

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