Just arrived, late in the afternoon.  Tomorrow will be a museum day in this city of great museums.  Today was a day for walking the canals, people-watching and figuring out how to dodge trams and bikes. People of all ages ride bikes in all weathers here.  I’m sure a  bike is the best form of transportation in this compact, crowded city center. The bikes themselves are simple and workmanlike, mostly one to three speeds.  Many of them have years of patina. But a lot of skill is involved in riding one.

Just outside the Central Station, there’s a 3-story free bike garage maintained by the city.  I’d be hard put to find a place to park a bike there; they overflow into the surrounding streets.


The locals are adept at weaving in and out of pedestrians, car traffic and other bike riders.  No one wears a helmet and no one has a bell. I’ll be lucky to avoid getting hit by a bike, never mind riding one.

Tomorrow I’ll set off on foot to explore the city!


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