Happy Fourth of July!

I spent this most American of holidays in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, under sunny skies. It’s a relaxing day full of kids on decorated bikes, dogs sporting flag colors, and strawberry sundaes served up at the community block party.


Of course the evening will bring fireworks.  In this very dry summer of wildfires all over the western United States, people are scanning the skies and hoping that clouds will bring much-needed rain.



Meanwhile, we are grateful to our firefights who put themselves in harm’s way to keep us all as safe as we can be.  We mourn the loss of so many brave firefighters in Arizona.


We also honor our military men and women, who serve our freedom so well.

Happy Fourth of July!

2 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July!

  1. sueleonardCFS

    Missed the delicious strawberry delights at the United Methodist Church this 4th and all the other fun things I like to do on the 4th – like watch ski jumping in the middle of summer!


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